New CD, Ain’t Gonna Be No Judgment Day, in production



SOLANA BEACH, Calif. — JANUARY 4, 2002 — Dr. Baird’s second CD, “Ain’t Gonna Be No Judgment Day” is now in production and scheduled to be released in early February.

Dr. Baird is back with a new collection of Scientific Gospel tunes. Produced by Scientific Gospel Productions, the new CD showcases Dr. Baird, backed by The Opossums of Truth: Daniel Baird, Ron Jackson, and friends, who were, until now, unindicted co-conspirators in the Scientific Gospel movement.

Dr. Baird received a Bachelor’s degree and an M.D. from Stanford University. His day job is Professor of Pathology at UCSD School of Medicine and Chief of Pathology at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in San Diego. He divides his time between his work administering the clinical labs at the V.A., teaching medical students and residents, engaging in immunological research, serving on many university committees, battling bureaucracy, and at home where he is a husband, father, dog walker, dishwasher, launderer, mobile and furniture maker, and in his spare time, a composer of Scientific Gospel music. Daniel Baird and Ron Jackson are also products of the University of California: Daniel graduated from Santa Cruz and Ron from San Diego. Daniel’s day job is a software engineer and Ron professes traditional music at the Buffalo Brothers institute in Carlsbad, CA.

The CD was recorded and engineered by well-known jazz guitarist, Peter Sprague of Encinitas, CA. When trying to explain the genre of Scientific Gospel to a jazz colleague, Mr. Sprague was heard to remark, “There are not a lot of chord changes but they come in strange places.” Dr. Baird, himself, mused, “The ideas and materials of which this CD are composed, are ultimately founded on chaos.”

Dr. Baird’s first CD, “Hallelujah! Evolution,” produced by PSB Records, attracted international attention. A German reviewer commented, “Dabei erschafft Baird auf dieser CD ein neues Genre: den Scientific Gospel,” and concludes, “…kauft diese CD!” Another comment about Baird’s work comes from the San Diego Jewish Press Heritage’s critique of “Hallelujah! Evolution” in the same issue as a memorial birthday tribute to George Gershwin: “He’s (Baird) no George Gershwin.” And UCSD’s School of Medicine professor, Dr. Sidney Salzstein, used to say, “For those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they will like.” SGP is awaiting further comments from UCSD Professor Stanley Miller and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Francis Crick.

Epistomology and the conflict between experimental science and mythology in search of truth predict that Jerry Falwell and Osama bin Laden would not find these songs amusing. Despite their sales of The Globe and The Enquirer, Dr. Baird’s CD is banned at the San Diego Veterans Administration Medical Center store because it is considered too controversial.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Scientific Gospel, it is a slowly emerging product of modernity. This unique musical genre, invented by Dr. Baird, is a blend of humor and science with a gospel/country flavor. It offers answers to cosmic questions such as where do we come from and what does it all mean. The producer, Carol Davidson Baird, said, “Scientific Gospel puts the soul into rational humanism.” Reality can be a lot of fun. The Opossums of Truth spread the gospel at their services because humor is their ultimate response to the universe.

“Ain’t Gonna Be No Judgment Day,” praises heroes of SG – Darwin, Mendel and Stanley Miller. Evolutionary questions are posed: When did we get naked? Might we have been dinosaurs if the meteor had not struck the Yucatan? Did liquid water make our creation and existence possible? Do you think we’re alone in the universe? How different are we from one another? Shall we end “not with a bang, but a whimper?”

CD’s can be purchased after February 9, 2002 at and Buffalo Brothers Vintage Guitars in Carlsbad, CA. Or better yet, come to Darwin’s Birthday Party concert on February 12, 2002 at the North Coast Repertory Theater in Solana Beach, CA and see The Opossums of Truth perform.