A musical commentary on the current budgetary impasse

Republicans and Democrats cannot agree on a deficit reduction plan. Republicans insist on deficit reduction solely by cutting spending. Democrats want a package of spending cuts and revenue increases, mostly by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire and closing several tax loopholes. Republicans, led by the vision of Grover Norquist, oppose any option that would increase taxation, particularly on the rich to whom they refer as “job creators.” Evidence for this appellation, unless you include activities in India and China, is scanty. Norquist’s cudgel is to finance extreme right wing candidates in Republican primaries where current office holders who do not do his bidding are running for re-election. So, many Republicans are literally running scared. Here are a couple of songs to familiar melodies to clarify the situation.

Poor Folks Have Too Much Money
(tune: Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer)

Republicans give us some strange explanations
For the recession now gripping all nations.
But do you recall the strangest one of them all?

Poor Folks Have Too Much Money
And the rich don’t have enough.
Though you think that sounds funny,
That’s the reason times are tough.
Don’t tax the rich, look elsewhere
And I’m sure that you’ll admit
It’s giveaways like welfare
That produced the deficit.

If you feed a horse some hay
You’ll soon realize,
As he canters on his way-
He’ll drop something for the flies.

So give the rich tax rebates
For we know that trickle-down
Puts something on poor folks’ plates,
Even though it may be brown.

Copyright on lyrics, Stephen Baird 1986

Glory, Glory, Grover Norquist
(tune: The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,
No, wait, it’s Grover Norquist with his terrible, swift sword,
Castrating all Republicans who think some might afford
To pay a little more.

Grover Norquist scares the right wing,
Speaking thunder, speaking lightning.
Republicans find him so fright’ning
That they all wear Depends.

Republicans all cower at the sound of Grover’s name.
They fear an end to their careers if they don’t play his game.
A prophet of the profit gospel no one dares disclaim,
“The rich shall pay no more.”

He’s opposed to paying taxes.
Grover never once relaxes.
Those who disagree, he axes.
So they all wear Depends.

In India and China there’s a Norquist holiday
For they see job creation by our rich folks every day,
For Hindus and for Communists, but for union folks, No Way!
They’d have to pay them more.

Grover operates ex parte
Keeping rich folks hale and hearty.
Better drink at the Tea Party
Or you will need Depends.

Republicans all quaver as they kneel before their king,
Their bladder and their anal sphincters failed or loosening.
Castrati sing in chorus; their soprano voices ring,
“The rich shall not pay more.”

Grover Norquist terrifying,
Johnny Boehner’s wet and crying.
Eric Cantor falsifying,
The rich can pay no more.

Copyright on lyrics, Stephen Baird, July, 2011