May 2, Tucker Carlson

May 2, Tucker Carlson


Has Tucker Carlson proved he’s “nucking futz?”

We know that liberals label him a putz

Because of all his daily rants on Fox,

Defacto spokesman for all Trumpist nuts.


If you add up his evening rants on Fox,

Then Tucker Carlson has checked every box,

That separates him from reality,

And indicates his head is full of rocks.


His separation from reality,

Part of his unhinged personality,

Was buttressed this week by his rant on masks,

To further prove deranged mentality.


The Tucker Carlson rant on children’s masks

Assigned his loyal followers some tasks.

If they see masks on kids, then call the cops.

Will Trumpists do what Tucker Carlson asks?


If kids are wearing masks, why call the cops?

Why not wear masks ‘til the pandemic stops?

But Tucker thinks that masks are child abuse,

So call the cops on all their moms and pops.


So, Tucker thinks that masks are child abuse…

If this is child abuse, it’s damn abstruse.

Is it more likely Tucker’s “nucking futz?”

If so, why are we letting him run loose?


Has Tucker Carlson proven he’s “nucking futz,”

Implying he’s both crazy and a putz?

He’s shown, with daily rants on Fox TV,

That he is nuts, with no ifs, ands, or buts.