May 13, Like Dear Old Donegal  (parody to Dear Old Donegal)

May 13, Like Dear Old Donegal  (1)


When I woke up this morning and I turned on my TV,

I was depressed immediately by what first greeted me.

The morning news reported that Liz Cheney had been dumped.

She would not swallow Donald’s lies; the truth had just been Trumped.


Republicans are lining up to kiss the Donald’s ring,

Whatever Trump presents to them, some will kiss anything.

They lost the House with Donald and they lost the Senate, too.

And though Joe Biden also won, they won’t admit that’s true.



 If you’ve met McCarthy or Scalise, it should be no surprise,

Republicans are bowing down, accepting Donald’s lies.

McCarthy and McConnell, Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, all

Are blathering the blarney, like in dear old Donegal.


They all appease the Donald for the money he can raise.

Whoever has the money is whomever they will praise.

McCarthy is so desperate to be Speaker of the House,

He’s servicing the Donald just as if he were his spouse.

And now Elise Stefanik says, “Please let me get in line.

“I know I must degrade myself; say Donald is divine.”

A vacancy in leadership, one nose that wasn’t brown,

They threw Liz Cheney out when she gave them a dressing down.


(Congressional Republicans’ Names) There’s Blackburn and Barton, Barasso, Buchanan, and Conaway, Cassidy, Collins and Blunt.

Costello and Cotton, and Cramer and Ted Cruz, and Gohmert, that sad, intellectual runt.

There’s Margie Greene, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar, and Graham, Ron Johnson, Fitzpatrick, Rand Paul.

McClintock, McHenry, McKinley, Mulvaney, Tim Murphy, Tim Scott, and that Nunes goofball.


Chorus melody:

To look at the leadership they have; it should be no surprise.

That all of them are on their knees, accepting Donald’s lies.

McCarthy and McConnell, now Elise Stefanik, all

Still blathering the blarney, like in dear old Donegal.


  • ‘Dear Old Donegal’ was written by Steve Graham and recorded by many artists. Probably the best known was by Bing Crosby.  Alan Sherman did a wonderful parody in which he used Jewish names instead of the verse with all the Irish names.