March 18, Vaccinations

March 18, Vaccinations


A hundred million doses in, two hundred million more,

And we might have a chance to win the Covid 19 war.

The biggest group that will refuse: white, Christian, Trumpist males.

Do they propose to die for Trump, to make sure Biden fails?


Three hundred million is just us; the whole world’s in a bind.

To win the Covid 19 war, we must poke all mankind.

We simply have to understand, we’re one community.

So, we need seven billion pokes for herd immunity.


And, in the meantime, wear your mask; don’t do what Abbott’s done.

Without your mask, you are undressed, and not for having fun.

For Covid 19 loves to see an unmasked, Trumpist bunch

And loves to join you in a crowded restaurant for lunch.


And, after this is over, let’s see what we should have learned.

If we don’t follow science, then we know that we’ll get burned.

To listen to a narcissist when a pandemic lurks,

Instead of to our scientists, we should know, never works.