Marathon Bible Reading Miracle

San Diego’s NCT newspaper has a Faith and Values section every Thursday and this story comes from there.

At Cal State San Marcos, Priority Christian Challenge organized a week long marathon reading of the bible near the front entrance to the newly opened Kellogg Library. Just after 7 am on a Monday morning, one of the readers saw a rainbow that appeared over Palomar Mountain just as another reader had gotten to the Old Testament in Genesis where Noah and his paired creatures prepare to face 40 days and 40 nights of torrential rain. They weren’t ready to declare it a miracle, but said that the incident was further evidence that the Almighty was present. “God is there,” she said, “whether or not we believe him.”

Perhaps next Darwin Day, we should get equal time at the doors of the library and do a marathon reading of “The Origin of Species,” and instead of the miracle of the rainbow, we can profess the wonder of evolution that occurred all during the reading. We can claim that EVOLUTION exists whether we believe it or not.