June 29, Delta Variant

June 29, Delta Variant


Here comes the Delta variant, that evolution picked,

A more infectious Covid, just as Darwin would predict.

If you’ve remained unvaccinated then you are at risk.

For, lacking antibodies, you have put your asterisk.


The Covid 19 Delta finds such hosts delectable.

Religious nuts and right wing nuts are most susceptible.

Why is it that these folks will take hydroxychloroquine

But they regard the Covid 19 vaccine as a sin?


Do Trumpers know that Donald Trump has taken the vaccine,

But doesn’t urge his followers?  Such selfishness, obscene.

These anti-science attitudes, astonishing to see,

Help Covid 19 Delta on a brand new spreading spree.


What people need to understand is viruses mutate

When reproducing in a host.  They have to replicate.

So, without replication, no new mutants can appear

And then, as Donald Trump once said, “It will just disappear.”