June 20, The Texas GOP Platform

June 20, The Texas GOP Platform


Let’s hear it for the Texas GOP

And their appalling platform panoply.

They just don’t like America today,

So they just wrote a crazy recipe.


They’re sticking with Trump’s Big Lie, still today,

That Biden did not win election day.

They make that claim with zero evidence;

“Who cares about the facts,” is what they say.


Another claim made without evidence

As proof the Texas GOP is dense,

Is—gays are making an abnormal choice.

Psychologists know that is just nonsense.


The GOP says you can’t be pro choice;

Give government just one religious voice:

So Christianity spreads everywhere.

And arm our teachers, let us all rejoice!


They’ll let AR 15s spread everywhere.

And lead their kids in school in Christian prayer,

And teach that Colonel Travis might have held

The Alamo if they had those guns there.


Free market principles must be upheld;

Thoughts of an ERA must be dispelled.     (1)

Preserve the statues of the CSA,

They say they’ll honor those who had rebelled.


And there is even more they had to say,

Get rid of DOE and Fed today,     (2)

Restrict Supreme Court Justices to nine

And Federal Income Tax must go away.


And lastly, ask the voters to opine,

If Texas as a state, ought to decline,

To stay within the Union or instead,

Secede once more, in other words, resign.


They do not like the USA, instead,

They really want to leave; read what they said,

Should we expel them, not let them secede?

Reminding them just where they’ve stuck their head.


  • The Equal Rights Amendment
  • The Department of Education and the Federal Reserve