June 16, The January 6th Committee Meeting

June 16, The January 6th Committee Meeting


The January 6th Committee has met once again.

And made it crystal clear about the danger that we’re in.

We could lose our democracy, of which we must beware,

Which Trumpists either do not want or simply do not care.


They still remain a danger, as Judge Luttig testified,

Because they willingly let Donald’s Big Lie be their guide.

They’ve shown that they are comfortable with Trump’s attempted coup.

Democracy means they might lose elections; that won’t do.


Democracy is now on trial, fighting to survive.

It is still breathing, heart still beating, just barely alive.

We know Trump tried to kill it, using pressure on Mike Pence,

As has been proven clearly by a mound of evidence.


We know Trump knew he lost the vote; therefore, to stay in power,

He had to nullify results, (1-6 the final hour.)

He must force Pence to throw out votes from some states Trump had lost.

If Pence followed orders, Democracy would be the cost.


The Constitution does not say the Veep’s authority

To choose which votes to count is like that of a deity

But, rather ceremonial, to open envelopes

And count the votes therein without regard to what he hopes.


When Pence did not cooperate, Trump’s mob yelled, “Hang Mike Pence!”

Trump, hearing that on TV, did not rise to Mike’s defense.

Instead, “Well, maybe he deserves it,” was what Donald said.

Which sounds like he would not care much if Mike Pence wound up dead.


So Trump and Eastman made an overwhelming, fetid stench,

In legal sewage deeper than the Mariana Trench, (1)

Though Donald pressured, prodded, threatened, wheedled, and cajoled,

Mike Pence saved the Republic when he showed he would not fold.


If Donald gets indicted, could he plead insanity,

So sick with narcissism, he lacks all morality?

It was in Donald’s nature to destroy democracy.

He only feels safe and secure in an autocracy.

(He’s only safe when he is god in a theocracy.)


  • The Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.