June 10, It Did Not Start with Oven Smoke

The Holocaust did not start with oven smoke.
Rich Germans thought Hitler was just a bad joke.
Then Hitler began stirring up racial pride.
Racism is coals ever ready to stoke.

The rise of the Nazis should serve as a guide.
Disaster is lurking when voters abide
The claim that their own race is the best of all.
Death was the result; and six million Jews died.

It’s easy to yield to a race bigot’s call.
We humans are tribal and some like to brawl.
We denigrate others who don’t look like us,
Exactly what Trump hopes we’ll fall for this Fall.

Should we throw the “other folks” under the bus?
But, who are the “others?” That we should discuss.
Are language, skin color, and faith candidates?
It’s different for everyone, thus dubious.

We know that our bigots all share common traits,
It’s hatred that a demagogue animates
For some common foe on which all can agree.
For instance, the Jews, then it self-propagates.

So, who can Trump target for his bigotry?
It seems he chose brown folks, that’s no mystery.
Those seeking asylum, he labels a threat.
He’ll ride their misfortune to his victory.

Our bigots agree, although most never met
Those seeking asylum, yet claim they’re beset
By “others” who threaten white folks’ life and limb.
They’re buying a fiction, that’s Donald Trump’s bet.

Who knows if this strategy will sink or swim?
It has worked before and results were just grim,
For six million Jews became smoke up the flue.
Could that happen again? History is a clue.