June 12, Alito and Thomas

Alito and Thomas both disgrace the Court.
Their actions grow worse after each news report.
Despite all the gifts received, they won’t recuse,
Considering cases their donors support.

They openly show us their Christian taboos.
Both voted to let states block our “right to choose.”
Abortion is done; contraception is next.
Then, what other rights will they let states abuse?

Their bias and arrogance leaves liberals vexed.
They both support Donald, though he’s oversexed.
What options are there to make them go away?
We desperately need a guide for the perplexed. (1)

They’re both Roman Catholics, so one might say,
The priesthood should welcome them both, right away.
And we might anticipate a rapid rise
To places of leadership without delay.

There would be new principles to compromise
But there’d be no feelings they’d have to disguise.
The College of Cardinals, not too high to go,
Where they’d bide their time ‘til the old Pope’s demise.

Which one might ascend? It’s too early to know.
Alito’s Italian, so simpatico.
Perhaps Clarence Thomas, just for DEI.
The fact they have wives would just be a side show. (2)

From the Court to the Church, what could go awry?
The Vatican Court is where both their hearts lie.
Then we could rebuild an uncompromised Court.
A good fit for all, so retire and apply!

(1) With apologies to Moses Maimonides, who wrote a 12th century book of theological principles, called, “A Guide for the Perplexed.”
(2) Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI, 1492-1503, was well known to have fathered at least four children with his mistress. The two most famous are Cesare and Lucretia Borgia. He even appointed his son to be a Cardinal and hoped that he would succeed him as Pope.