July 9, Trump’s Only Hope

Trump’s running to be president to save his ass from jail.
This office, for the Donald, serves as his own Holy Grail.
His other strategy is his old standard…to delay.
But, if he’s not elected, then these strategies will fail.

The evidence of Donald’s crimes grows greater every day;
Jack Smith subpoenas everyone to hear what they will say.
And even Donald’s former lawyers have to testify
To keep from being charged themselves for when they went astray.

As Donald lies, he only sees Jack’s charges magnify.
His hope is being president will let him nullify
All sorts of laws and policies according to his whim,
But Jack Smith’s not the type of guy that Trump can pacify.

So Donald’s pot of troubles is now filled up to the brim.
The documents he stole and insurrection both plague him.
Indicted for the documents, the insurrection’s next;
Weighed down by these indictments, Trump may sink instead of swim.

It’s worse than E. Jean Carroll’s case when Trump was oversexed,
For Jack Smith’s first indictment is a lengthy, damning text.
It shows that Donald Trump does not respect democracy
For all the lies that Donald tells are on tape in context.

Trump’s hope for his salvation is a new autocracy
Supported by an evangelical theocracy.
With Donald as the autocrat upon his golden throne
Surrounded by his documents and kakistocracy.

The chances this could happen should by now, be quite well-known.
Trump’s DOJ would take revenge, make liberals moan and groan.
The sun of our democracy would soon set in the west,
Perhaps to never rise again in Donald’s Twilight Zone.