July 5, Deep Fakes (1)

With Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis studying AI, (2)
The GOP’s top candidates learn modern ways to lie.
Whoever wins, they’ll both learn how to use so-called, “deep fakes.”
Then they’ll do anything to win, no matter what it takes.

Like pictures of the other doing things they’ve never done:
Campaigning with George Soros, kissing Fauci (just for fun.)
Or pictures of opponents saying things they’ve never said,
To disinform their right wing base, the food they’re always fed.

Technology improves and it’s the liars who rejoice.
Of all the ways to use it: they’ll make a dishonest choice.
When liars fool the people with false narratives they’ve weaved,
Psychologists have taught us that those fooled will stay deceived.

We know that Trump’s a liar and his base believes his lies.
Debunking does no good; that fact, by now, is no surprise.
Add AI to Trump’s arsenal and lies will outpace facts.
Get ready to see Biden doing pornographic acts.

The problem is like chemists doing drug tests on athletes.
New drugs require new tests when one suspects an athlete cheats.
New tests require new drugs if athletes don’t want to get caught.
The spiral lasts forever; that’s the lesson sports have taught.

Computer geeks are getting better sniffing out deep fakes
The other side is still ahead; they’re playing for big stakes.
The goals are power, money, what all autocrats desire.
The law and ethics don’t deter them; nor threats of hellfire.

When will we ever learn the power-hungry never cease
To look in new machinery for gears that they can grease?
Deep fakes are certain to be used in ads in ’24.
Might those lies lead to victory? Watch out, we are at war.

(1) New York Times, 7-3-2023
(2) AI: artificial intelligence and machine learning. Computer technology that makes it possible to produce real-looking and sounding video clips of people doing and saying things that they never did or said.