July 1, Mis, Dis, and Malinformation

We used to call it, “horseshit;” then “misinformation” rose.
We used to call it, “bullshit;” now “disinformation” flows.
We used to call them, “half truths;” now “malinformation” grows.
And all these forms of feces spread on social media.

“Horseshit,” (misinformation) is a statement that is wrong.
But confirmation bias keeps it flowing right along
Because we send it on to friends, thus showing we’re headstrong.
That’s why horseshit spreads easily on social media.

“Bullshit,” (disinformation) will effectively deceive
Disciples of conspiracies who readily believe.
They pass it on to others, likewise programmed to receive.
That’s why bullshit spreads easily on social media.

“Half-truths,” (malinformation) have a kernel of a fact.
Purveyors of such half-truths know the minds that they’ll attract.
Some truth mixed in with lies is clearly put there to distract.
It helps half-truths spread easily on social media.

Mis, dis, malinformation, all these varied kinds of shit,
With modern social media, that’s what we know we’ll get.
Influencers and trolls have proven that they’ll never quit.
So, all this shit spreads easily on social media.

And now we come to Donald Trump, known for mendacity.
His mind has no regard for facts or for veracity.
His base consumes his sewage and loves his pugnacity.
So, all Trump’s fecal species spread on social media.