July 14, Global Warming

The Earth is getting hotter and it’s getting worse and worse.
We have ourselves to blame for such a catastrophic curse.
We’ve brought disaster on ourselves by burning fossil fuel
And over-reproducing and refusing to retool.

Through human overpopulation, we’ve provoked this mess.
The Earth and its environment can’t tolerate the stress.
Opposing contraception just seems stupid in this light.
We have to stop unbridled growth, resist with all our might.

It’s mostly our right wingers who support coal, oil, and gas.
And mostly our right wingers who would force a pregnant lass
To bring a child, unwanted and unneeded to its birth
To add to overpopulation burning up the Earth.

We have to link these two together in the public’s mind,
As Mother Nature’s done already; we are way behind.
So vote for politicians who will heed our Mother’s call.
For, if you don’t, then we’ll burn up our fragile, small blue ball.

Some understand that climate change is what man brought about.
Right wingers tend to disagree and one main cause of doubt
Is, if the liberals buy it, then right wingers won’t agree.
It’s part of right wing liturgy; to yield is treachery.

And even fewer understand the population threat.
Our overpopulation’s doing more than make us sweat,
Consuming our resources and polluting everywhere.
Again, right wingers won’t accept clear evidence that’s there.

Since, due to their psychology, right wingers must oppose
Whatever liberals might believe, whatever science shows,
Our last best hope to save the Earth will come in ’24.
It rests on our elections; facts and myth have gone to war.