July 17, Donald Über Alles (1) (2)

Glorious things of Trump are spoken,
By himself, his biggest fan.
He says that our nation’s broken;
Then he tells his crowds his plan.
He’ll go on a binge
He will take revenge;
And clean out the whole Deep State.
Donald Trump will be
Just like Kim and Xi;
His word will be the law with no debate.

Donald Trump will purge his enemies;
None of them deserve a break.
Liberals spouting left wing blasphemies
Will all be burned at the stake.
Everyone must pay.
DEI and FBI. (3)
Black Lives Matter? No!
Power, white as snow:
We’ll kiss democracy a last, “Good bye.”

Colleges and universities,
Must not spread subversive thought.
Who needs Plato; who needs Socrates?
Knowledge is a liberal plot.
Root out globalists,
Root out communists,
Hunt down liberals everywhere.
Donald on the throne
Will make laws alone;
Without opponents, for no one would dare.

(1) May be sung to, “Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken,” a hymn written by John Newton in 1779, based on Psalm 87. It is usually sung to a tune composed by Joseph Hayden in 1797 for, “The Austrian Hymn,” “Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,” (God save Franz, the Emperor.) This was later adapted in Germany, with new lyrics, as “Deutchlandlied,” better known as “Deutchland Über Alles.” (Germany over all.) The Nazis sang it with great gusto.
(2) The lyrics here are a free adaptation of a speech Donald Trump gave in Florida on July 15, 2023, where he outlined his platform for his next administration. He got a lot of applause. Take Trump and his followers seriously.
(3) DEI, diversity, equity, inclusion.