July 19, Tommy Tuberville

Tommy, Tommy Tuberville,
What the hell is wrong with you?
Did your life in gooberville
Leave your brain without a clue?

Football coach for forty years,
Military: didn’t serve.
Blocking officers’ careers:
Is this what these folks deserve?

Blocking all promotions for (1)
Officers of higher rank,
Makes us ask, “Is more in store?
“Is this just a one-time prank?”

You oppose the Pentagon
Policy for pregnancy.
Must we wait ‘til you have gone
To correct your lunacy?

Your obstruction is the style
Of Republicans today.
Old white men in rank and file,
Echos of the CSA. (2)

Right wing Protestant belief:
Keeping women in their place.
How can women gain relief
When you think they fell from grace?

Senator Tom Tuberville,
Oozing right wing vitriol,
Is part of the G.I. Bill,
Keeping women in control?

(1) Senator Tuberville, R, Alabama, is holding up military officer promotions because of the Pentagon policy of paying for pregnant servicewomen who need abortion care to travel to states where it is legal, if the base where they are stationed is in a state where it is illegal. The Pentagon does not pay for the abortion itself, just the travel.
(2) The Confederate States of America (1861-1865) not known for its liberal views on human rights.