July 22, Data vs Belief

Today’s the famous date in scientific history
When John Scopes was convicted by a court in Tennessee, (1)
For teaching evolution when the law said, “Thou shalt not,”
Though when Scopes was found guilty, a small fine was all he got.

Then Scopes appealed and won on legal technicalities.
But science still has not been freed from such stupidities.
The Bible tells us, God said, “Let there be.” That’s all (s)he wrote.
Believers won’t let Darwin contradict that sacred quote.

Believers, thus immune to data, won’t be immunized.
And, such stupidity means this group is now jeopardized
By Covid 19 Delta, while the Father’s mighty hand
Has let them go on dying from their anti-science stand.

Immunity to data means you’re now a dangerous threat.
And spreading lies about vaccines, means you aid and abet,
The spread of Covid 19, so new mutants may evolve,
Means you make the pandemic that much harder to resolve.

Why is it that this attitude affects Republicans,
Who argue like Greg Abbott, that we should ban Mexicans? (2)
More Democrats are vaccinated, while more Trumpists die.
Must one resist reality to still support this guy?

Does Donald realize that he is killing off his base?
Look at statistics; they show higher death rates are the case.
And Tucker Carlson is not doing favors for his Lord,
By misinforming on vaccines, Trump’s ox is getting gored.

(1) John Scopes, a high school teacher in Dayton, Tennessee, was convicted of violating state law by teaching evolution on July 22, 1925. This was the famous “Monkey Trial.”
(2) Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, and Senator Ted Cruz have both argued that illegal immigrants from Mexico are spreading Covid 19 in Texas.