July 2, The 1-6 Commission

July 2, The 1-6 Commission


Pelosi has formed a commission

To look at the 1-6 sedition,

Which Donald provoked with fires that he stoked,

And for which he has shown no contrition.


When Donald Trump lost the election,

He thought he might try insurrection.

He’d spare no expense, might even hang Pence.

The thought gave Trump a huge erection.


Republicans say they’re opposing

The fact-finding Nancy’s proposing.

For, when we find out what that’s all about,

Who knows whom we might be exposing?


And now we have cause for excitement;

We hear on the news of indictment.

If Weisselberg flips and gives us some tips,

We’ll learn all involved in incitement.


Were Congressmen also colluding

With Proud Boys who did the intruding?

Will somebody squeal they helped try to steal

Democracy while Trump sat brooding?


Trump says the election was stolen;

But that is just crap from his colon.

For true Trumpist men, revolt was no sin.

Why?  Der Führer hat es befohlen.  (1)


  • “Der Führer hat es befohlen.” “The leader has commanded it.” This was said by a German to my father-in-law, a German Jew, who escaped the Holocaust.  On a visit to the hometown of his grandparents in about 1980, he asked one of the local citizens why so many went along with the persecution of the Jews.  That was the answer he received.