July 16, Joe Manchin

July 16, Joe Manchin


Joe Manchin, Joe Manchin, big money from coal,

Is more air pollution your principal goal?

Or more global warming?  Do you understand

That these problems are linked; they go hand in hand?


Joe Manchin, Joe Manchin, men down in the mines

Keep you in fine bourbons and finest of wines.

No conflicts of interest as some critics charge…

Your interests are power and living life large.


Joe Manchin, Joe Manchin, you like to obstruct,

Just like Mitch McConnell, whom you could instruct.

It’s clear that green energy’s not your concern;

Your bank account fattens when you see coal burn.


Joe Manchin, Joe Manchin, you sit down to talk

But your goal is mostly to parry and block

And then scuttle bills that would keep our air clean.

You like anthracite black more than forest green.