January 8, Narcissism

Trump meets all the criteria defining narcissists.
The DSM-5 lists them all; there’s not one Donald missed. (1)
Delusionary ideation from his loss to Joe
Becomes quite understandable as all the data show.

“Reality,” to narcissists means they win every race.
No matter what the contest is, they finish in first place.
So, back in 2020, Donald “knew” he would have won,
Unless Joe Biden “fixed” the race before it had begun.

That voters would choose Biden and not Trump just could not be;
That Biden was the “winner,” clearly proved skullduggery.
When Trump calls the election “stolen,” that is not a lie.
“That’s narcissism talking,” is the DSM’s reply.

If Donald gets convicted of some ninety felonies,
Or driven into penury for civil “larcenies,”
He must believe our justice system has been “weaponized,”
Denying him the throne he’s due, as he has fantasized.

Are Trump’s delusions curable; should Donald see a shrink?
As narcissists grow older, benefits of treatment shrink.
So, Donald Trump is too far gone, impossible to cure.
The question now reduces to: how much must we endure?

What does it say of those of us who vote for Trump again?
Or those of us who do not vote and thereby let Trump win?
Will we let Trump destroy democracy? We know he’ll try.
This year, will “We the People,” let our Constitution die?

Does Trump belong in prison or a place for the insane?
Not in the White House, certainly; we could not stand the pain.
A classical dilemma, when each choice we have is bad,
All due to Donald’s illness; he’s the emperor, unclad. (2)

(1) Look up the DSM-5 for the psychological criteria defining the Narcissistic
Personality Disorder.
(2) See, The Emperor’s New Clothes, by Hans Christian Andersen, 1837.