January 12, Immunity for Joe?

If Trump wins on immunity,
So he could send his foes to jail,
Could Biden, with impunity,
Put Trump in jail, denying bail?

Has Donald really thought this through?
A win for Trump applies to Joe.
What any president could do,
Is call a hit on any foe.

And that means Joe could have Trump shot,
And likely would not have to pay.
Trump’s lawyers say that Trump would not,
So, that applies to Joe today.

Immunity’s of course, absurd,
Suggesting Donald cannot think.
This claim is one more bullshit turd
And every court should smell the stink.

Back in New York, in Trump’s fraud trial,
Both sides have finished arguments.

And Donald, in his standard style,
Denied the proven evidence.

First Trump deflates and then inflates
The values of his properties,
Low taxes, or low interest rates:
That’s Donald’s standard business sleaze.

To assholes who are violent,
Immunity appeals to them.
And, when Trump’s words are virulent,
They say, ‘Hey, this guy’s just like me!”

Republicans seem stricken dumb.
(Opposing Trump is regicide.)
They know from where the bomb threats come.
Trump has the assholes on his side.