January 10, Iowa Caucus Polls

Republicans, deciding that they’re comfortable with lies,
Will stick with Trump in Iowa; the pundits all advise.
Though, we should note that Donald lost in Iowa before.
But, if he loses this time, there may be blood on the floor.

When Cruz beat Trump back in ‘16, the Donald charged Ted stole
The victory that Donald “earned,” as shown in every poll.
Since Donald’s now ahead by more than can be overcome,
If Haley or DeSantis wins, then Trump may be struck dumb.

Well, maybe not completely dumb, since Trump has a big mouth.
And though he spouts nonsense and lies, his MAGAts, North and South,
Believe whatever Trump may say, which shows they can be fooled.
Perhaps the nonsense that he spouts would need to be retooled.

The Iowan type Trumpist, mostly evangelical,
Supports whatever Donald says, although nonsensical.
They think he is a Christian, reading scripture as he prays.
That is the type of simpleton on whom the Donald preys.

To them, the facts don’t matter, don’t affect what they believe.
When facts and proof don’t matter, they are easy to deceive.
They say that Trump can do no wrong or that he is immune;
(It’s cold this January, though if Trump says so, it’s June.)

Trump does not give them anything, instead they give to him.
He is their new Messiah, so his minions sing his hymn.
They think his insurrection didn’t happen or was just.
They don’t believe what we all saw; it’s Trump in whom they trust. (1)

Could weakness of the intellect explain Trumpist nonsense,
Believing Trump’s mendacity, despite the evidence? (2)
We know faith isn’t science, with no facts or proof required,
So, we’re not sure just what makes all the Trumpists so inspired.

The Trumpist evangelicals show us what faith can do,
Dependence on facts is suspended; truth is bid adieu.
There’s no need for elections, legislation, and all that,
And the most capital of crimes? To be a Democrat.

1-Compare this belief to “In God We Trust,” printed on our money.

2-From “Tit Willow,” in “The Mikado,” by Gilbert and Sullivan.