January 6, Revenge or Epiphany

Joe Biden gave a speech to say
That Donald is a crook.
It’s true today and every day;
The facts are clear, just look.

The purpose of the Trump campaign
Is to exact revenge,
To cause opponents legal pain
For hurts he must avenge.

So, he’ll indict opponents. Why?
They all refuse to see
“The state is me, myself, and I (1)
“And none dare disagree.”

Republicans have bent their knees,
Bowed low before their Don,
Ignoring ninety felonies,
They buy into Trump’s con.

Does Trump accept democracy?
He’s shown us he does not.
No, Donald likes autocracy,
(And he is hot to trot.)

Joe Biden tells us Trump’s a threat.
We have no cause to doubt.
If Trump’s elected, you can bet
Autocracy will sprout.

Epiphany or Donald’s coup?
Let’s celebrate just one.
If we elect “Don” Trump anew,
Democracy is done.

See, “L’etat c’est moi,” the words of Louis XIV, King of France from 1643-1715. He was not known for his modesty.