January 3, Olympics and Elections

Now 2024 is here with Trump still out on bail.
Olympic and election year—will Donald go to jail?
Shots will be put, while javelins and discuses are flung,
At home, in our election year, the bullshit will be slung.

In Paris, athletes of the world will meet to run and jump.
While here at home, we must decide what we will do with Trump.
With swimmers racing in the pool in the four classic strokes,
We’ll need the water to extinguish fires that Donald stokes.

Watch boxers, wrestlers, and strong men who lift enormous weights.
Switch channels, see if Trump’s convicted; the whole world awaits.
Olympians will play on basketball and tennis courts,
While Trump is tried in criminal and even civil courts.

As gymnasts swing from bars and vault and tumble, twist, and flip,
We’ll watch to see which candidates will make a gaffe or slip.
Olympians must dedicate themselves to excellence.
While Donald Trump has led a life of grift and fraudulence.

Olympic athletes are all striving to achieve the heights,
While Trumpist politicians strive to curb more women’s rights.
In 2024, we hope our athletes bring home gold,
And pray that voters will leave Donald Trump out in the cold.

Both excellence and fraudulence on TV to compare,
One comes from talent and hard work, the other, au contraire.
If Trump becomes our Führer, kiss democracy goodbye.
He’s promised that will happen and this time, it’s not a lie.