January 18, Antisemitism (Some thoughts on the Colleyville, TX attack)

January 18, Antisemitism (Some thoughts on the Colleyville, TX attack)


Why is it anti-Semitism constantly ferments?

And why must Jewish people train for terrorist events?

What is it about Judaism down through history

That makes “crazies,” even moderates, choose Jews to pillory?


Did Jews commit a mortal sin by not accepting Christ?

Or, maybe it’s Mohammed; either one might have sufficed.

Why is it that the Jews survived through every century,

While Rome and Babylonia are ancient history?


A conquered nation often has to bow to victor gods.

The Jews have never done that and survived against the odds.

Now Saturn’s just a planet.  Marduk?  Who is that?  Who cares?  (1)

Old gods no longer worshipped, but the Jews stayed true to theirs.


The Jews, a small minority, make up just two percent,

Far less than Blacks, Latinos, Asians: (“others” some resent.)

Yet Jews are the majority that pays the highest cost

Of religion-based attacks, and not just the Holocaust.


Jews are assaulted, beat up, murdered, and year after year,

For centuries, millennia: is some cause coming clear?

Some say that Jews killed Christ but that was Romans, if you read.

Or jealousy that Jews survive, and what’s more, they succeed?


It seems that Jews are here to stay, a fact that some can’t stand.

What makes Jews so resilient? Some refuse to understand.

(Both education and no “molten gods” to desecrate:)  (2)

Perhaps Jews are examples that the rest should emulate?


  • Saturn was a Roman god. His birthday was December 17, the Saturnalia, a holiday in ancient Rome, after which our Christmas celebration is patterned.  Marduk was the chief god of Babylon.
  • See Exodus 34:17. This prohibition of the making of “molten gods” was enunciated (by God) after the incident of the Golden Calf. If there are no idols to smash, it is harder to eradicate any god.