GMBs YouTube videos & December concert announcement

A mini-version of the full band, The Galapagos Mountain Boys, performed for the 12:30 Club at a luncheon on April 18, 2012 at the La Jolla Country Club. We put 5 of the several songs on YouTube for your enjoyment. If you like them, please pass them on to others who might enjoy the enlightenment! Galileo Galilei is not recorded yet, so this is your only chance to hear it.

To access the songs, go to YouTube and search: Stephen Baird or Galapagos Mountain Boys, or just enter the song title:

Bang! There Was Light
Charlie Darwin
Galileo Galilei
Randomness Is Good Enough For Me

We are still preparing for our big bang performance of ‘The End of the World Concert’ at the UCSD Faculty Club (dinner concert) on the Winter Solstice, Friday, December 21, 2012 and will let you all know when we have concrete plans as to time and the ‘last supper’ menu. Arrangements and reservations will be with the UCSD Faculty Club and if you charge the dinner tickets, they promised not to put your charge through until the next day……….if there is one! If not, then you got a free dinner on your last day. Such a deal!