February 24, Comer and Jordan

The cookies are missing; who emptied the jar?
It had to be Biden; a foul Democrat.
Two “Jims” found a witness, who came from afar.
With a sleazy tale charging Joe is the rat.

Then, Comer and Jordan, the Trumpists named Jim,
Were caught like two kids, guilty grins on their face.
They both had been saying, “Joe Biden, it’s him,”
While doing the bidding of Trump and his base.

They both touted an unimpeachable source,
(A man now arrested as Vladimir’s stooge,)
Which should tell most people they’re on the wrong course,
Still, both Jims are sticking with their subterfuge.

Jim Jordan is known for a head made of stone.
Jim Comer seems more just dishonest and dumb.
Both want to impeach Joe but, wait, hold the phone;
Now, neither has evidence; no not a crumb.

Are these two guys idiots Putin has used?
(The tale his stooge fed them, both have swallowed whole.)
They’re easily lied to, can’t be disabused,
As they grasp for power that Trump almost stole.

Fact free accusations, the “Jims” losing face,
Will blockheads and Dummkopfs, with no evidence,
Stay stubborn enough to keep pushing their case?
The answer is, “Yes;” though their case is nonsense.

Since Donald is desperate to impeach Joe,
(The “bomb” his “Jims” promised exposed as a dud,)
Will anything limit how far they will go,
How far they will spread Donald Trump’s creeping crud?

The “Jims” and the Trumpist base are not too bright;
They’ll all stick with Donald through thick and through thin.
For Donald’s their savior, therefore always right.
So, who stole the cookies? (Check crumbs on Trump’s chin.)