February 28, The End of Democracy

“Welcome to the end of (our) democracy.”
We heard these words spoken at CPAC last week.
Instead, they’re proposing a theocracy.
With Donald as Savior, our future looks bleak.

Theocracy, with Donald sent here by God,
(Which will exclude atheists, Muslims, and Jews,)
Is led by a Savior convicted of fraud,
Which limits our diet to crap Donald spews.

Yes, that is the message of theocracy:
Religion controlling each word, every deed.
And, when our White Christians have gained primacy
Then “freedom of worship” won’t be guaranteed.

A White Christian nation with Donald as king
And ministers like Margie Greene and Matt Gaetz,
Directing the hymns that God’s angel choirs sing,
Should make us all pray to avoid Heaven’s gates.

White Christians all claim it’s a sin to be gay,
Though some of them are, read the papers, you’ll see.
“Sex for procreation!” their standard cliché,
So, no contraception in intimacy.

Are embryos children, although really small?
“Life starts at conception,” a state court decreed.
Therefore, this opinion should govern us all,
Though God never said that in Biblical creed.

A new Inquisition: do we all want that,
With heretics tied to a stake, set afire?
Are Democrats heretics Satan begat,
Deserving of death if they raise Donald’s ire?

A White Christian nation, with Donald as king,
Means bidding farewell to our democracy.
One sect of religion that rules everything
Means we’ll be just like Iran’s theocracy.