February 19, The Mess in Texas

February 19, The Mess in Texas


When Nature messed with Texas, it’s not hard to guess who won.

The leadership in Texas is almost like having none.

Rick Perry, then Greg Abbott, with Ted Cruz down in Cancun,

All sang songs of excuses and they all sang out of tune.


Greg Abbott blamed the windmills; Perry said they’d rather freeze

Than have more regulations, with which Ted, of course, agrees.

The power grid’s for August heat; they do not winterize.

So, when they get a cold snap…no surprise, the power dies.


They have no heat or lights, no pumps, so water pressure falls.

The water freezing in the pipes expands and bursts through walls.

There’s water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

They cannot flush their toilets; thanks to cold; there’s much less stink.


The Texans had a warning from a freeze ten years ago.

But, still, they did not winterize; Rick Perry had said, “No.

“The freeze is like a black swan, only one each hundred years.”

Though scientists had disagreed, their words fell on deaf ears.


With leadership that’s full of shit, like toilets they can’t flush,

The Texans suffer in the freeze, then in the thaw, the slush.

Denying climate science means disaster will result.

It’s wise to bet on science rather than on the occult.


So, Nature messed with Texas, a pandemic and a freeze.

Against the Texas “coaches,” Nature won both “games” with ease.

The leadership in Texas took a dive or holiday.

Denying science doesn’t work; facts just won’t go away.


They say, “Don’t mess with Texas,” but by now, we all can see

That Nature proved that aphorism is a fallacy.

Republicans ignoring science, were held to account.

When Nature knocked them to their knees, they couldn’t beat the count.