Phil Robertson, 67, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, has referred to Gays as “homosexual offenders” and noted that Blacks seemed more or less content in the days before civil rights legislation. He specifically noted that, “no one was singing the blues,” an odd conclusion since Louisiana was the place and the pre-civil-rights era was the time when the blues were invented by Blacks. Most commentary on what Robertson had to say has concentrated on Robertson’s right to say whatever he wants and whether or not the A&E network had a right to suspend him for his remarks. I believe that what is more important is that a lot of people believe just as Robertson does: they think Gays are going to Hell and they don’t think that racial segregation, or even slavery were that bad. These attitudes are quite prevalent and are still being taught to children in America every day. Let us focus on how we can rid ourselves of these social poisons, not on whether or not one man should be suspended for saying what he believes.