December 3, Whence Cometh Omicron?

December 3, Whence Cometh Omicron?


Are scientists discovering

Whence cometh Omicron?

Does what they are uncovering

Mean this goes on and on?


If you are immunosuppressed

And Covid finds your nose,

Then you’ll let this unwelcome guest

Come in and change its clothes.


We know as Covid replicates

It changes here and there.

It mutates and recirculates;

Your body doesn’t care.


If you’ve contracted HIV,

Then you are compromised.

You cannot mount immunity

To what Covid’s devised.


And, if you will not take vaccine,

It’s pretty much the same.

For Covid’s a well-oiled machine

In the mutation game.


If you let Covid in your store

To try new outfits on,

Then it will try on more and more,

‘Til, voila! Omicron.


This isn’t how we want to learn

The whole Greek alphabet,

As each new mutant “of concern”

Becomes a new death threat.


We must care for humanity,

All brothers, white or black,

Take vaccine and treat HIV,

To blunt Covid’s attack.