December 24, Government

December 24, Government


Democrats want democracy.

Republicans: autocracy.

Mike Flynn proposed theocracy.

And some oppose all government.


Democracies are difficult;

Autocracies sometimes result.

Theocracy’s a form of cult.

Don’t join and you risk punishment.


How can we save democracy?

Can we avoid autocracy

And Trump’s cultish theocracy,

As they advance by increments?


We have to be sure that our goal,

Assuring the good of the whole,

Will captivate the nation’s soul,

Though some oppose this sentiment.


If you’re a woman or you’re black,

Some white men want “their” country “back,”

As if your rise is an attack

On them, and to their detriment.


Right now we’re super partisan,

Some acting downright simian.

Since Trump demands a mulligan,  (1)

Is revolution imminent?


Those who support democracy,

Those threatened by autocracy,

As well as by theocracy,

Must fight to save our government.  (2)


  • The golf kind of mulligan, not the stew.
  • After the Revolution and Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government had been established: a monarchy or a republic. He replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”  Can we?  Will we?