December 22, If Trump Had Immunity, Joe Does Too

If Donald claims immunity,
Joe Biden has it too.
If Biden, with impunity,
Does what Trump says, “I’ll do,”
Trump can’t complain if Joe might think,
“I’ll act like Vladimir,
And throw opponents in the clink,”
Trump’s future would be clear.

Now Donald says that, should he win,
Then he will prosecute
All enemies, perhaps their kin,
What charge? Who gives a hoot?
He’ll weaponize “his” DOJ,
Like he claims Joe has done.
All lefties much watch what they say;
Their pain will be Trump’s fun.

“Beware what you wish for,” they say;
The dog may catch the car.
But then may rue that fateful day,
And learn he’s gone too far.
If Donald thought this whole thing through,
By claiming he’s immune,
If true, what that means Joe can do,
He’d sing a different tune.

So, what will our Supreme Court find?
Will they give Trump a pass?
Are they prepared to be maligned
If they don’t kiss his ass?
The Founding Fathers did not write
The President is king.
If our Supremes split left and right,
What chaos will that bring?

We just found out we must abide.
The Court has a hard head.
Jack Smith said, “Hurry and decide.”
But, “No,” was all they said.
The case must go through lower courts
And that process is slow.
Though they may kick Trump in the shorts,
For now, BS will flow.