December 21, Do Immigrants Poison Our Blood?

Four out of five kids that Trump’s wives have born,
Are from foreign mothers, whom we should scorn?
Are these children poisoned, half toxic crud?
Trump claims that immigrants poison our blood.

And, if they were poisoned, who is to blame?
Both father and mother play in the game.
We know Trump’s mother came from overseas.
Did she give Donald some foreign disease?

No, she’s not poisonous, that can’t be right,
Trump means dark people; his mother was white.
His children’s mothers have been pure white, too.
Dark blood discolors when mixed in the roux.

Immigrants take jobs that natives won’t do:
Like marrying Trump. Ask yourself, would you?
You’d get nice clothes and have more than one house,
But then you must go to bed with your spouse.

Still, Trump seems poisoned; was it just bad luck?
What kind of poisoning made him a schmuck?
All of our ancestors came from abroad,
That alone can’t explain why Trump is flawed.

These are the symptoms of Donald’s disease:
Narcissism, lying, general sleaze.
Psychiatrists must not fear to opine;
Our nation’s survival is on the line.

Some of Trump’s traits showed up in his teens.
His dad had dementia; that’s in the genes.
Did Don inherit a demented mind?
Psychiatrists, speak up! What do you find?

Just one sick person has caused all this fuss.
He’s thrown our whole nation under the bus.
Will our democracy, crumpled and torn,
Lie at Trump’s feet while just half of us mourn?