December 19, Donald’s Campaign Promises

Do immigrants poison our blood?
Does Donald Trump poison our minds?
Are Trump’s MAGAts mired in his mud
And feeding on Donald’s designs?

Does Donald Trump want to be czar:
Democracy stretched on the rack?
Would Donald Trump take it that far?
When it’s gone, it’s tough to get back.

We hear Donald quote Vladimir
And paraphrase what Hitler said.
While Trump’s remarks should instill fear,
They keep all his MAGAts well-fed.

It’s immigrants that Donald blames,
For all of our woes, not the Jews.
Right now, anti-immigrant claims
Are all Donald Trump needs to use.

But all those disloyal to him
Eventually may feel his wrath.
If Trump sees his prospects grow dim,
He might start another bloodbath.

So, echoes of dictators past
And snuggling with current ones,
Should leave all our voters aghast
But that’s what we get when Trump runs.

Is, “Dictatorship, here we come,”
An outcome that we’ll likely see?
We know we have voters so dumb,
They’d help Trump kill democracy.