December 17, Republican Platform for 2024

Joe’s facing impeachment, although for what crime?
Joe beat Donald Trump; the election was fair.
Republicans, furious, still waste their time.
In their search for crimes they’ve found none anywhere.

Republicans think that Trump’s MAGAts are dumb.
(They could not win office if their base were bright.)
They use innuendo and spread it as chum.
But so far, it’s only the MAGAts who bite.

Republicans say they’ll go on to “inquire.”
Joe Biden’s son, Hunter’s been stretched on the rack
For six years now, with little smoke and no fire,
But bowing to Trump, they’ll still press the attack.

And meanwhile, they’re drilling another dry hole.
Red States ban abortion and threaten females.
If winning elections is the Trumpist goal,
They can’t appeal solely to their old white males.

Impeachment inquiry’s found nothing so far.
Most voters oppose Red State abortion bans.
In ’24 will voters say “au revoir?’
Or will gerrymandering save Trumpist’s plans?

A shock that so many spurn democracy,
Both here and abroad; the struggle’s world-wide.
Our Trumpists all seem to want autocracy.
In next year’s election, you must pick a side.

Do we want a president like Xi and Kim
Or Putin and Orban, or the Saudi king?
These rulers are killers; might Donald join them?
And execute those who do not kiss his “ring”?