December 14, Impeachment?

The Stock Market’s up; inflation is down;
Employment is high; Republicans frown.
Donald is mired in indictments and sin.
So, what can they do to help their man win?

Now Trump is in court for crimes and lawsuits,
The life he has led, corrupt to its roots.
Republicans proved they can’t legislate.
It looks like the House may self-immolate.

They’ve looked at Joe’s life, found nothing at all.
And looked hard for crimes: each “hit,” a foul ball.
They’ve looked at his son and his shady past
But couldn’t link Joe, though six years have passed.

Their leaders, convinced that MAGAts are dense,
Will move to impeach with no evidence.
They smeared Hillary and that was enough.
Trump squeaked out a win; they’ll try more rough stuff.

Joe’s doing too well, so they cry “impeach!”
Without evidence, it’s an overreach.
The MAGAts, however, lend their support.
But what if Donald’s found guilty in court?

For his insurrection, Adolf did time.
He was undeterred, though guilty of crime.
So, Trump may do well, although a convict.
Republicans may not see a conflict.