December 8, We’ve Turned Our Guns to Gods

We’ve turned our guns to gods and bent the knee:
A hundred lives a day, our sacrifice.
Bloodthirsty gods as everyone can see,
And willingly we pay this awful price.

Leviticus forbids gods made by man (1)
And worship of all idols we have made. (2)
And God himself pronounced this total ban.
Which we’ve transgressed, and what a price we’ve paid! (2,3)

We value guns more than our children’s lives,
Do nothing when our kids are shot in schools.
We value guns more than our husbands, wives.
Why do gun worshippers make all the rules?

The Constitution, writ by human hand,
Says States may have militias and bear arms.
To keep security throughout their land,
In all their cities, public lands, and farms.

And back then, “arms” meant flintlock guns and swords,
Defense for insurrection in the States,
Or new invasion by King George’s hordes,
Not gods to worship and increase deathrates.

So, have we worshipped false gods that we made?
And paid the price that Yahweh has decreed? (3)
“You shall not murder,” also disobeyed, (4)
The price is death for words we do not heed.

1-Leviticus, 19: 4. In fact, read all of Leviticus, 19.
2-Exodus 20: 4,5 and Deuteronomy 5: 6, the second of the Ten Commandments
3-Exodus 22: 20, a death sentence for violating Exodus 20, 4,5.
4-Exodus 20: 13, the sixth of the Ten Commandments