December 7, Republican Fight Song

Let us impeach Joe Biden, although we lack evidence.
It’s just for retribution, showing our malevolence.
“High Crimes and Misdemeanors:” Donald did a lot of those. (1)
In contrast to Joe Biden, Donald’s life of crime just glows.

Does Joe obstruct our “justice” by a life that’s free of crime,
When Trump was more obliging, as he slipped and slid in slime?
We can’t assure restoring of the Donald to his throne,
Without Biden’s assistance, to commit crimes on his own.

Will Trump and Joe be even if we somehow impeach Joe?
Since Trump is our Messiah; voters must not tell him, “No.”
Without Biden’s impeachment, Joe will not bear any stain.
If he wins re-election, he’ll short circuit Donald’s brain.

Relying on misleading, we will shoot off our cap gun,
Make Joe look like he’s crooked, maybe we can smear his son.
Joe once loaned Hunter money: Hunter paid his father back.
Since Joe received that payment, that’s our reason to attack.

James Comer, R, Kentucky, calls that a crime to explore. (2)
And Hunter’s deals in China might be sleazy at their core.
But we’ll ignore Ivanka, although she’s immersed in sleaze,
With her Chinese trade license, lots of profits are Chinese.

James Comer, R, Kentucky, threatens Hunter with contempt.
Jim Jordan, R, Ohio, hails this dubious attempt.
James wants a secret hearing; Hunter says he’ll testify.
But testify in public, showing how Trump’s MAGAts lie.

So, Comer will keep drilling, though his well is dry, so far.
If no laws have been broken, he’ll keep lowering the bar.
If Joe spits on the sidewalk, Jim might make hay out of that.
So far, James Comer’s players have struck out each time at bat.