December 5, Impeaching Biden

Supporting Donald’s criminality,
Republicans now seek egality.
Impeaching Biden, sadly, just for spite,
Without constraints of factuality.

They’re going to impeach Joe just for spite,
No crimes or misdemeanors they can cite.
But they’ll proceed, though lacking evidence,
Instead of legislating, smite and fight.

For Donald’s crimes, abundant evidence,
Impeachment justified, no false pretense.
Republicans opposed it anyway;
Trump’s MAGAts rising up to his defense.

No evidence? Impeach Joe anyway!
They keep insisting some is on the way
To show Joe Biden also is a crook.
So, right or wrong, they’ve said, “Anchors aweigh!”

To demonstrate Joe Biden is a crook,
There are a lot of facts to overlook,
To shrink Trump’s crimes down to banality;
At least, that’s how they want to make them look.

If Donald’s crimes shrink to banality,
Though lacking constitutionality,
Trump’s MAGAts will impeach Joe just for spite,
And show the world their farcicality.