December 23, The Fourteenth Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment, in its Section Three,
Disqualifies Trump from the Presidency.
He caused insurrection and tried to prevent
The certification of voters’ intent.

Trump had sworn an oath which he did not uphold.
And did not go peacefully when he was told
That we preferred Biden and were tired of Trump.
His 1-6 speech caused much more than a speed bump.

Some argue that Donald did not insurrect.
(Check the definition, the term is correct.)
The Capitol storming was clearly assault
And Trump stirred it up; it was clearly his fault.

A court in Colorado recently ruled
Trump’s name off the ballot; of course, that has fueled
Loud protests from Donald; who now has appealed.
(Once this is decided, we still won’t be healed.)

The Trumpists all say, “Let the voters decide.”
Last election, they did, which Donald defied.
He tried everything, though he knew he had lost.
Now, all his court cases are part of the cost.

Indicted for civil and criminal fraud,
The costs keep on mounting for Donald’s goon squad,
His lawyers disbarred and some starting to squeal,
Because they have lost every single appeal.

The Fourteenth Amendment, 1868,
May have, way back then, prescribed Donald Trump’s fate.
Most scholars say Trump has been disqualified,
But will the Supremes say it should be applied?

The Trumpists scream, “No!” Everyone else says, “Yes.”
The words are quite clear; we do not have to guess.
Will our Supreme Court rule words mean what they say?
Or that they do not, and decide to gainsay?