December 21, Joe Manchin

December 21, Joe Manchin


Somebody on the White House staff said something mean to Joe.

So now his nose is out of joint and he is voting, “No!”

The Build Back Better bill is dead; progressives fume and cry.

McConnell claps his hands with glee; he’s just that kind of guy.


Since West Virginia is among the poorest states of all,  (1)

It is ironic that its senator has made the call

To kill a bill that helps them and the other forty nine,

And leaves them deep down in the mines, not up in bright sunshine.


We know Joe Manchin makes a lot of money mining coal.

But mines are closing, leaving Joe’s ex-miners on the dole.

And Joe knows Build Back Better would mean new jobs for all states.

So, voting, “No!” means Manchin’s taking food off of their plates.


Tax credits to help those with kids, expanding Medicaid,

And new jobs, not in mining, for which Joe’s ex-miners prayed.

No family leave for babies: “No welfare state,” says Joe.

So, none of this will happen, since Joe Manchin’s voting, “No!”


Does Manchin want to be The Grinch? (That’s Mitch McConnell’s job.)

If Manchin’s horning in, will Mitch’s temples start to throb?

Obstruction is McConnell’s game; he may not want to share.

So far, McConnell’s been content to just watch from his lair.


Now it’s the solstice season when a lot of gods were born.

Like Mithra, Saturn, Jesus Christ, who has to be forlorn.

To add to peace, goodwill, and joy of all the Christmas lights,

Joe says he’ll save the filibuster but not voting rights.


And what is Manchin’s leverage?  To turn Republican

And give the Senate back to Mitch.  And, after that is done,

The government grinds to a halt; obstruction, Mitch’s  game.

And Biden’s a lame Peking Duck, cooked over open flame.


  • Poverty rate, 4th highest: 17.6%. Estimates vary by news service and agency.  Mississippi leads the league in all estimates.  Other Red States fill in the top (bottom) ten, yet their Senators rather uniformly oppose all legislation to provide assistance.