April 6, CEOs Should Stay Out of Politics

April 6, CEOs Should Stay Out of Politics


McConnell told the CEOs, “Stay out of politics.”

Republicans, suppressing votes, rely on dirty tricks.

To win elections, Mitch knows that he can’t let Democrats

Vote in large numbers, or they’ll win.  McConnell knows the stats.


Republicans, in states that they control, are passing laws

To make it harder for the blacks and browns to vote, because

They tend to vote for Democrats and they sank Donald’s boat.

Republican analysis: they let too many vote.


Right wingers know, in fair elections, they will lose control.

So, they’re restricting voting, and alleging Biden stole

The vote, which has been clearly shown to be a false pretense,

For sixty lawsuits were dismissed for lack of evidence.


When Georgia passed its laws, some CEOs wrote to object.

And Baseball yanked the All Star Game, which Kemp did not expect. (1)

Almost two hundred CEOs from all their companies,

Said, “You’re suppressing voting; and our board all disagrees.”


Mitch likes the contributions companies have given him.

But that should not mean that he has to take advice from them.

Republicans must not have any power undercut;

So, keep those contributions coming but keep your mouths shut.


And Mitch McConnell managed to say this with a straight face.

The CEOs have usually been McConnell’s voting base.

The thought that they might think that voting should be free and fair,

They should keep to themselves.  That simply is not their affair.


  • Brian Kemp, Republican governor of Georgia.