April 27, Cyclic Air Pollution

April 27, Cyclic Air Pollution


When we had horse-drawn carriages, the streets were full of horseshit.

We cleaned the streets up every night but every day brought more shit,

With air polluted everywhere by horse fecal aroma,

The problem stretched from sea to sea, from New York to Tacoma.


When we got horseless carriages, our streets became less shitty.

The fecal smell soon disappeared from small town to big city.

Although that stopped the sewer smell, the air, instead, got smoggy,

A product of our petrol-burning: brownish, acrid, foggy.


And now we have electric cars and energy is greener.

If power comes from sun and wind, that should make our air cleaner.

We still have quite a way to go toward energy conversion.

(The fossil fuel industries are showing great aversion.)


Now radio, TV, and cell phones: all of them broadcasting,

They fill the air with waves of data, most of them contrasting.

Since everyone can broadcast now, from all the mental strata,

Horseshit is being shoveled electronically as data.