April 17, Vaccine Hesitancy

April 17, Vaccine Hesitancy


We now have a lot of statistics

About vaccine “hesitancy,”

There’s a range of characteristics,

From stupid to militancy.


Left-wingers, the well-educated,

Take the scientists at their word.

Right-wingers and the addlepated,

Might flip Tony Fauci the bird.


The religious, faith-based resistance

Leads some to refuse the vaccine,

And even deny the existence

Of the virus, Covid 19.


Then there are the Donald’s most loyal;

Their savior, a classic false god,

Leads their souls to hell, there to boil;

As their bodies rest ‘neath the sod.


Most puzzling, are health care workers,

Who say they’re refusing their shot.

Less puzzling, the right-wing knee jerkers,

Who say, “Biden did, so we’ll not.”


We know men lag far behind women.

A statistic that’s national.

Are their brains the size of a lemon?

Or are men just irrational?


Such persistent vaccine resistance,

May cause Covid wave after wave.

But the price of Covid persistence

Is digging new grave after grave.