A Modest Proposal

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue. As nation we are unable to define what victory would look like or when we will be able to make a final end to them. Leaving the countries with functioning, western-style democracies behind is decades, if not generations, away. Islam is inimical to democracy. Even the late William F. Buckley observed that we cannot win in Iraq without doing things that we are not willing to do. So, it appears that we must just leave. All would-be conquerors since the time of Alexander the Great have faced the same problem. But how can we just leave in face of the argument that we are fighting terrorism and that we have to fight them over there in order not to have to fight them here at home? I would suggest that the President make the following three proposals to Congress:

1. Ask Congress to declare war on Iraq and Afghanistan
2. Ask Congress to put both wars ON the budget and raise taxes to pay for them
3. Ask Congress to re-institute the draft to supply the necessary armed forces personnel to prosecute the wars

I suggest that the President give Congress two months to accomplish these three goals.

Failing that, he, as Commander in Chief, should order a complete and orderly withdrawal. This should all be done well in advance of the November 2010 elections so there will be plenty of time to debate these actions or the failure to take them.

Stephen Baird