January 6, A Political Epiphany  (Parody to “We Three Kings…)


Congresspersons, right wingers all,

Schemed to make democracy fall.

Disaffection, insurrection,

Following Donald’s call.


Oh…They’re not honest; they’re not bright.

And, you guessed it, they’re all white.

Rightward leaning, contravening,

Trumpists itching for a fight.


Who’s the worst that anyone’s seen?

Who else but Ms. Marjorie Greene?

Brain so lazy, clearly crazy,

Ignorant Philistine.


Oh…Banned from Twitter for her lies

Helping Omicron to rise,

Her obsession is secession,

She sees no need to disguise.


Jimmy Jordan, what can we say?

Where did Jordan first go astray?

Used to wrestle, now a vessel

Serving as Trump’s bidet.


Oh…Intellect is rather dim;

Not a thing commending him.

Maybe dumbest of the Trumpists,

Jimmy fits right in with them.


Gohmert, Perry, Biggs, and Mo Brooks:

Thompson, Cheney baiting their hooks.  (1)

Trump is wishing they’re just fishing;

That isn’t how it looks.


Oh…Congressmen who helped to plot,

Insurrection: what they wrought.

First, sedition, then perdition,

Souls will roast down where it’s hot.


  • Bennie Thompson, D, MS, and Liz Cheney, R, WY, Chair and Vice-Chair of the House January 6 Committee.