June 27, Lying and Frying

The Donald can’t keep his mouth shut and just can’t keep from lying.
He’s heated his own griddle up and soon he may be frying.
He had a show and tell with papers he’d denied possessing,
Which we now have on tape which is as good as him confessing.

And these were secret documents that Donald was disclosing.
He lied about them on Fox News, which Jack Smith is exposing.
To catch the Donald in a lie does not need clever sleuthing,
For Donald has spent his whole life repeatedly “untruthing.”

The Donald earned his livelihood by years and years of scamming.
Now, does he face the likelihood of hearing jail doors slamming?
The habits of a lifetime are the troubles Trump is facing,
With felony on felony, which Jack Smith has been tracing.

Trump’s narcissism won’t allow him to be seen as losing.
So, lying, cheating, suing are the pathways he’s been choosing.
Since these have worked for decades, Donald thought that he was winning.
It took a while to get here but is this his final inning?

With feces turned to mist by fan blades rapidly rotating,
And more to come as grand juries are busy cogitating,
And, just as hurricanes are worse from manmade global warming,
It’s Trump’s own words and actions that have caused today’s shit storming.

Can Donald Trump escape from all the crimes Jack Smith is charging?
Meanwhile, in Georgia and New York, his troubles are enlarging.
With insurrection, voter fraud, and income tax evading,
His problems are a whole lot worse than porn star fornicating.