June 22, Censure of Adam Schiff

Now Adam Schiff’s been censured by the House Republicans.
He wasn’t nice to Trump, who used to lead Americans.
He prosecuted Donald in the first impeachment trial.
Like Socrates, they hope that Schiff will drink a hemlock vial.

They did not charge the words Schiff spoke about Trump were all wrong.
They just insist that everyone must sing the Trumpist song.
So they have censured Adam for the basest reason: spite.
But that does not mean Adam Schiff will fade into the night.

A badge of honor, Adam Schiff will wear for all his days,
Exposing the Republicans’ most base and venal ways.
Instead of legislation, they first lust to take revenge,
With neolithic minds like those who danced around Stonehenge.

So Adam Schiff has borne the wrath of Boebert, Gaetz, and Greene,
Exposed the fecal stench of Donald’s Durham-Barr latrine,
Endured the GOP assault with back straight, head held high,
And promised he’ll continue to smite Donald, hip and thigh.

Now Lauren Boebert wants to have Republicans impeach
Joe Biden, though she cannot name a crime or overreach.
And Greene says that the Trump impeachment files should be erased,
To rid the House of records of impeachments that he faced.

Republicans have kissed the ass of Donald and his base;
That is their current strategy for this primary race.
And Adam Schiff remains a constant thorn stuck in their side,
Continuing to point out times when they and Trump have lied.

With nasal passages obstructed by Trump’s excrement,
Republicans show their distaste for normal government.
So, if our voters don’t correct the current, Trumpist trend,
American democracy may meet its final end.